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Bilingual Day Care Centre

Welcome to the Kichererbsen-Oberkassel (Chickpeas-Oberkassel) Day-Care center for children under 3.


Tagespflege Kichererbsen Oberkassel

About Us

With our outstanding commitment to service/care for young children as well as  long opening hours, small groups and expertise in early childhood (U3) we offer a safe and nurturing environment for children between the ages 0 to 3.  Our aim is to cater for Locals & Expatriates who are looking for a bilingual daycare where communication is in German and English.


 While your child is with us we will be focusing on the following key areas:

Singing and dancing

Music Education

Singing and dancing
Balance, Jumping, Gymnatics and more

Movement Training

Balance, Jumping, Gymnatics and more
English & German


English & German

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Our Team

The team of Chickpeas-Oberkassel consits of 3 persons looking after a maximum 5 young children and a further individual doing the housekeeping. 

Our goal: to optimally promote each child’s development.

Inhaberin und Kindertagespflegeperson


Inhaberin und Kindertagespflegeperson





A typical day at Chickpeas-Oberkassel

Our daily schedule at a glance

Time                     Activity

08:00 – 09: 30      Drop-off and Breakfast time
09:45 – 11: 30        Learning Program (incl. activities outside)
12:00 – 13: 00        Lunch
13:00 – 14: 30        Nap-time 
14:30 – 15: 30        Snacking
15:30 – 16: 00        Free Play
16:00 – 16: 30        Pick-up Phase

Tagespflege Kichererbsen Oberkassel (20 di 84)


A regular daily routine gives children support and security. It is for this reason that we prefer to structure our days, however, we also want to leave enough room for spontaneous activities.


Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.

For further information please complete the contact sheet below.


+49 015901028830


Düsseldorfer Str. 184, 40545 Düsseldorf

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